Testimonials 💬

This is the best thing I have seen after cinemachine in unity. Unity should acquire this Rinesh Thomas
Unbelievable Unity editor integration by an order of magnitude, and as straightforward as the docs claim. Wow. Chris Mahoney
needle.tools is a wonderful showcase of what @NeedleTools contributes to 3D via the web. I just love it. Kevin Curry
Thanks to @NeedleTools, seeing quite a bit of this solution for web-based real time 3d tools - export scenes from Unity, where you can leverage the extensive 3d editor ecosystem & content, and then render them in your own web-based engine Stella Cannefax
Played with this a bit this morning 🤯🤯 pretty magical Brit Gardner
This is huge for WebXR and shared, immersive 3D experiences! Thank you so much for putting in the work on this @NeedleTools crew! Hoping @Apple sort out their WebXR situation sooner rather than later. The AR part worked flawlessly on my @SamsungMobile S21. Marc Wakefield
Finally checking out @NeedleTools with Unity. Super easy to get something up and running in the cloud using their glitch integration Pete Patterson
This is amazing and if you are curious about #WebXR with Unity this will help us get there Dilmer Valecillos
I am a long time Unity dev and recently started playing with Needle Tools and I love it! It's a great on ramp for Unity devs who want to learn WebXR and three.js. The runtime engine is awesome and it was pretty easy to create my own custom component VRSpatialist
We just gotta say WOW 🤩 Unity for Digital Twins
Spent the last 2.5 months building this game, never built a game/never used unity before, but absolutely loving the whole process with needle tools. So rapid! Would love to make a career building AR experiences! Matthew Pieri