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How To Play

Build your own castle! Drag 3D models from the various palettes onto the stage, and create your very own world. Works on Desktop, Mobile, VR, AR, all right in your browser. Interactions are currently optimized for VR; placement on screens is a bit harder but possible. Have fun, no matter which device you're on!

Invite your friends! Click Create Room to be put into a live, multi-user space – just copy the URL, send it to a friend and they join you automatically. There's currently a max limit for "users online at the same time" - if you don't get into a room, please try later.


This page was authored in Unity and exported to three.js using tools and technologies by 🌵 needle.

There are a lot of open technologies involved: 3D models are in glTF format, the render engine is three.js, VR and AR are using WebXR. The networking server runs on Glitch, and audio is sent over WebRTC using PeerJS.