Needle Engine

Needle Engine

Needle Engine is a web engine for complex and simple 3D applications alike. It is flexible, extensible and has built-in support for collaboration and XR! It is built around the glTF standard for 3D assets.

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  • Powered by three.js
  • WebXR support
  • iOS Quicklook support for interactive AR
  • Builtin Networking
  • Advanced PBR Rendering
  • Animate Everything
  • Animation Statemachines
  • Timeline Animation
  • Lightmaps
  • Physics
  • Postprocessing
  • Custom Components and Scripting
  • Progressive Texture and Mesh Loading
  • Automatic LOD Generation
  • Dynamic Content Loading
  • Mutli-Scene support
  • Integrations for Unity or Blender
  • More features

Editor Integrations

Powerful integrations for Unity and Blender allow artists and developers to collaborate and manage web applications inside battle-tested 3d editors. Needle Engine integrations allow you to use editor features for exporting models, author materials, animate and sequence animations, bake lightmaps and more.

Getting Started

Follow the Getting Started Guide to download and install Needle Engine. You can also find a list of sample projects that you can try live in the browser and download to give your project a headstart. For writing custom components read the Scripting Guide.

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